Star Trek Conversations

The early 1990s was the hay-day of Star Trek conventions and appreciation for The Original Series. Fans of all ages came together with a combination of nostalgia for the old show, excitement for The Next Generation, and enthusiasm for the future of the Star Trek Universe. Paul Rosa, at the time, was a successful video producer in the San Francisco Bay Area. He and I worked together on many commercials, videos, and animations. And we were (and remain) devoted Trek fans. In fact, we were brought together by Trek.

in order to built my animation business, I created some Trek-themed animations and sent them (on VHS cassettes!) to the company that organized the biggest Trek conventions that I enjoyed. Well, after reviewing those tapes, they recommended that I contact the studio who created their tv ads; and that was Paul at PDR Film and Video. We’ve been friends ever since.

Paul had this idea. He wanted to interview all the Original Series actors and create a box-set of VHS tapes. (That was a big deal back then; a box-set.) These interviews are a labor-of-love by Paul. They’ve been archived for twenty years, now available only on this channel. Paul was kind and generous enough to allow them to be exclusively posted to Life Arts Network.

What do Star Trek interviews have to do with the goals of the Life Arts Network? Acting is one of the hardest occupations to succeed at. By one study, a mere 2% of actors earn their living by acting. Of course succeeding at acting is only part skill and education. Many other factors figure into “making it.” But if you want to learn how to succeed in life, it would behoove you to listen to the stories of those who had to struggle, make difficult decisions, listen to their gut-feelings, and take to big chances, and Made it! The actors of Star Trek did that!